Sunny Deol is a prominent Bollywood actor whose mesmerizing personality and sense of humor make him reign in people’s hearts. His movies have never failed to become a hit among the audience as the cinemas get fully booked upon any new release. And now the release of Gadar 2  has become a celebration in India with the festival of Independence Day on 15th August as this movie is patriotic and deals with the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971. This movie also revolves around a love story. It stars famous figures of Bollywood along with Sunny Deol, like Ameesha Patel and Utkarsh Sharma, whose presence in the first version of Gadar has become a sensation. Everyone is fascinated seeing the audience’s response to Gadar 2 as people jump crazily to see this film within two days of its release. Gadar 2 is a unique creation that keeps one engaged in the movie from the start till the end without feeling bored or tired. 


Gadar 2 circles around the period of the “Crush India” campaign in 1971 when a renowned truck businessman named Tara Singh goes missing while delivering goods to the Indian Army cantonment at the border. He is believed to be captured and imprisoned in Pakistan. Thinking this, Tara’s son Jeete travels to Pakistan to save his father. However, an unfortunate turn occurs when Jeete discovers his father is not in Pakistan. As a result, he gets imprisoned and tortured by the Major General of Pakistan, Hamid Iqbal. Once Tara Singh reunites with his wife Sakeena and learns of his son’s imprisonment, he goes to save him from the hands of the enemy.

This movie enlightens everyone on what it means to be patriotic as it revolves around deep loyalty and faith toward their country and people.


Gadar 2 has become a spotlight in India as the fans of Sunny Deol arrive in trucks and tractors to invade cinema halls. Security has been increased in public places to the vast majority of the public swarming the area. It almost feels like the release of Barbie 2023 in the West, where people strolled to the cinemas dressed in pink costumes and wearing Barbie headbands. Similarly, Gadar 2 has its charm in India, where people come dressed in the colours of the Indian flag:- saffron, white and green.


Main Nikla Gaddi Leke  is a sensational song from Gadar 2 that has made the globe dance to its tunes as its rhythm is energetic and lively. This song was sung live at the Kapil Sharma Comedy show by the star cast of Gadar 2 movie involving lots of enthusiasm. Seeing how Gadar 2 becomes everyone’s passion in India is intriguing. This movie has great potential with Indian expats and immigrants spreading patriotism to other countries. 

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