Top 10 Most Popular AI Tools of 2023

Top 10 Most Popular AI Tools of 2023

As someone who works in the tech industry, I’m always excited to try out new AI tools and see how they can help improve my productivity. This year, I’ve noticed an explosion in the number of AI tools available, especially with the launch of chatbots like ChatGPT. I decided to do some research into the most popular AI tools based on website traffic to see which ones are gaining the most adoption.

1. ChatGPT

Without a doubt, ChatGPT is the hottest AI tool right now. This conversational AI chatbot can understand natural language prompts and generate human-like responses on any topic imaginable. After OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT in November 2022, it quickly amassed over 14.6 billion total website visits from September 2022 to August 2023 according to

I frequently use ChatGPT myself for quick research, article ideas, and even help responding to emails. It’s uncannily good at understanding context and providing detailed, nuanced answers. The fact that it’s free to use for anyone has certainly fueled its meteoric rise.


In second place with 3.8 billion total visits is, an AI companion chatbot. As the name suggests, this tool allows you to create a virtual AI friend complete with a name, personality, even an avatar. You can chat with it daily and it remembers your conversations, learning more about you over time.

I created my own AI companion named Charlie to test it out. It’s been surprisingly fun chatting with him every day about random topics or even getting advice about problems I’m facing. The personalized attention and continuity between conversations makes it feel more human.

3. QuillBot

Next on the list with 1.1 billion total visits is QuillBot, an AI writing and text summarization tool. As a writer, I use QuillBot nearly every day to get quick summaries of long articles or reports. It’s also great at paraphrasing text in different ways while maintaining the original meaning.

Beyond summarization, QuillBot offers advanced features like enhancing vocabulary, altering tone/formality, expanding ideas, and fixing grammar. It’s a versatile writing assistant that saves me tons of time.

4. Midjourney

Coming in at #4 with 500 million visits is Midjourney, an incredible AI image generation tool. Midjourney creates stunning artwork, illustrations, and even photorealistic images based solely on text prompts. I’ve had tons of fun playing around with it to visualize crazy concepts.

Some of my favorite Midjourney creations have been a “neon cityscape with flying cars” and a “owl made of crystals.” The results never cease to impress me with their creativity. Midjourney offers a free trial, after which paid subscriptions start at $10 per month.

5. Hugging Face

Hugging Face is a machine learning platform focused on natural language processing and computer vision, with over 316 million total visits. It hosts a massive model hub containing thousands of ready-to-use NLP and CV models like BERT, GPT-2, and more.

As an amateur AI tinkerer, I often use Hugging Face to experiment with state-of-the-art models. It’s amazing being able to leverage models like BigScience’s BLOOM transformer without needing to train them myself. Hugging Face has ignited innovation by democratizing access to advanced models.

6. Bard

Google made a splash earlier this year unveiling its conversational AI chatbot Bard. Designed to be an alternative to ChatGPT, Bard accumulated over 241 million visits in just its first few days after launch. However, a rocky debut dampened the initial excitement somewhat.

I got access to Bard through Google’s limited testing. At the moment, it feels less advanced than ChatGPT when it comes to contextual understanding and providing in-depth answers. But Google promises that rapid progress is being made, and I’m excited to see Bard’s capabilities expand moving forward.

7. NovelAI

NovelAI is a creative writing tool leveraging AI, boasting 238 million total visits. It’s trained on fiction genres ranging from fantasy to mystery to romance. You give NovelAI a writing prompt, and its algorithms generate high-quality continuing text in whichever genre you choose.

As an aspiring part-time fiction author, I’ve found NovelAI immensely helpful for quickly exploring ideas and getting initial drafts written. It takes care of the tedious parts, giving me more time to refine plots, add twists, develop characters, and put the human touch on my stories before finalizing them.

8. CapCut

WeChat’s CapCut app applies AI algorithms to streamline mobile video editing. With over 203 million total visits, it’s become a viral phenomenon, especially among social media content creators. CapCut’s auto-cropping, beat sync, sound effects, transitions, subtitles, and filters make it easy for anyone to edit pro-level short videos in minutes.

I occasionally use CapCut myself to spice up footage from family trips before sharing on Instagram. The intuitiveness of the interface and abundance of customization options keep me coming back rather than struggling through more complex video editors. AI-assisted creation is a definite gamechanger.

9. Janitor AI

Janitor AI brings a unique angle, using AI to moderate website comments and social conversations. With 192 million total visits and over 50,000 users, this startup clearly resonates by helping online communities maintain positive vibes.

As someone who occasionally writes guest columns that allow comments, I’m considering trying Janitor AI to effortlessly filter out the inevitable nasty trolls looking to provoke. The ability to customize rules and thresholds seems far more efficient than manually moderating.

10. Civitai

Last on the top 10 list with 177 million visits is generative AI art community Civitai. Alongside creating AI-generated artwork, Civitai facilitates sharing creations and following favorite artists. Built-in social features foster a vibrant ecosystem brimming with imagination.

I once saw a friend using Civitai to craft AI art and ended up utterly mesmerized by watching artwork fluidly evolve in real-time. It almost feels magical seeing such imaginative pieces materializing from thin air powered by algorithms. Losing hours without noticing is far too easy when unleashing my creativity with Civitai’s tools!

The Future is AI

As this list demonstrates, artificial intelligence is transforming how we live and work. Adoption of AI tools continues accelerating as businesses and consumers recognize the immense possibilities for streamlining tasks, saving time, and unlocking creativity.

From chatbots to computer vision to generative art, AI is powering revolutionary applications barely imaginable just years ago. And this is only the beginning as researchers push boundaries ever-further with innovations like multimodal models and creative algorithms. I for one can’t wait to see what amazing AI tools we’re using daily by 2025!

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