It is Not Hunters or Farmers. It is Hunters And Farmers

As I look back at the past six years and reflect on the learnings and specifically how I need to listen more, be more patient and sympathetic, I am reminded that I must keep learning.

Few years back I asked each department at 7awi to start thinking about growing the business and the revenue. Yes, my ask that teams in editorial all the way to engineering must start bringing business to the company. This had lukewarm reception.  Employees felt I am adding pressure to an already challenging situation.  I had to put it aside.

Fast forward and during one of our 2023 monthly all hands, I came back and presented the concept of Hunters and Farmers. As I explained the difference, I could sense employees across all organizations starting to engage. I knew things started to register.

While this is not a cookie cutter and many factors weigh in such as the industry, size of the team, expertise and other factors, for 7awi Media Group, I had to do what I felt is right. Empower and hold accountable. Today, I can proudly say that 7awi employees are now both Hunters and Farmers and Farmers and Hunters. It is not one or the other. It is both. There is a Primary and a Secondary role. We all care about growing the business.

Some teams will lead in the “Hunt” as a primary role and “Farming” is the secondary role. Others will lead with “Farming” and “Hunting” is the secondary role. Business development is no longer confined to the sales organization.

Just before end of the year, I received an email from one of my employees reminding me that she is a proud “Hunter and Farmer”. She has been working on the “Hunt” for a while and wanted to share the “Hunt” once she got the Booking Order. I read her email with a smile, a really big smile, and I knew I have an amazing team that I will always count on, be proud of what we have achieved and there is nothing to stop us from pursuing our goals in 2024!

Now off to “Hunt” 😊Yallah Lets Do It!

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